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Quiz: What sort of beans are you?

1y ago

What music are you most likely to listen to while doing the dishes?

  • No music; the tap sounds rather good
  • Rock, maybe some pop if I'm in the right mood
  • Classical music, or a bit of Baroque if it's the weekend

Someone pinches your food: what do you do?

  • Probably just ignore it; not that bothered
  • Take them out. No one touches my food. Ever.
  • Steal theirs.
  • Get the food back. Even if they've eaten it already. It's gonna get messy.

Favourite 'Pimp My Beans' pimp so far?

  • Mexican-style
  • Spam & Beans
  • Greek-style beans
  • "None: they're all rubbish"

You want fast food... where do you go?

  • McDonald's
  • Kentucky Fried Cluck
  • Pizza Hut. I deserve nothing less
  • Bold to assume I like fast food, I'm going home to eat a salad.

How often do you eat beans?

  • Every. Single. Day. Or every possible chance I get.
  • I mean, I kinda have to be in the mood.
  • Never had them in my life.
  • Had 'em once. They're gross.

How do you feel about the baked beans pizza?

  • No. Destroy it.
  • YES.

Apocalypse time: what do you stock up on?

  • Sensible, long life, nutritional stuff.
  • Nothing, Asda's around the corner
  • Spam. Who needs beans?

Knowledge question: When were Heinz beans founded?

  • 1857
  • 1896
  • 1869
  • What, the man or the brand?

Final question: Do you have beans at home?

  • Of course!
  • I think so...
  • Nah.
  • No, only bog roll at the moment. I'M GONNA GET MORE!

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