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    Quiz: What type of fish are you?

    28w ago


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    We know this is something you’ve thought about for a long time… answer these simple questions and find out which fish you’re most like. Are you more Alaska black cod, Alaska pollock, or Alaska salmon?

    What kind of exercise do you like?

    • Anything where it can involve an adventure and some exploration
    • I like to dance
    • Occasionally I’ll do a really epic workout
    • I love swimming, preferably upstream
    • I work out at every opportunity I get. I am a lean, mean, insanely fit machine

    What’s your favourite colour?

    • Red, but also blue
    • White
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Pink

    How do you feel about bears?

    • I would love to have afternoon tea with one
    • I don’t think I’d like to get eaten by one
    • I reckon I could take on a bear… I’ve got a really mean stare. Grr
    • I’ve been working out lately, soo I reckon I could run faster than a bear could
    • I’d do everything possible to avoid bumping into one…

    What’s your favourite swimming stroke?

    • Butterfly
    • Breaststroke
    • Doggie paddle
    • Front crawl
    • Backstroke

    Do you pay attention to the moon?

    • Yes, it’s very important
    • No, not for me thanks

    Could you swim to Japan and back?

    • Why yes, yes I could
    • I’d give it a good go
    • I’m not sure, that’s pretty far

    How good is your sense of smell?

    • Really, really good come to think of it
    • Better than a dog or a bear, that’s for sure
    • It’s pretty good
    • Terrible

    When you go clubbing, do you shake your body like you’re a salmon floating upstreammmmm?

    • How did you know? That’s my signature move
    • I do it while I’m doing the snap
    • By the end of the night everyone’s joined in with my excellent dance moves
    • Erm, no, I’ll just watch from the bar thanks
    • I like to explore many forms of dance, actually

    Do you get angry easily?

    • I’m a pretty chilled out person
    • I’m fine, until someone’s on my favourite machine at the gym

    What’s your favourite food?

    • Plankton
    • Small crustaceans
    • Small fish
    • Squid
    • Err, pizza?

    What’s your favourite fish joke?

    • What do you call a fish with no eye? A: Fsh
    • Why did the fish blush? A: It saw the ocean’s bottom
    • What do you call a crayfish with a messy room? A: A slobster
    • Why do sharks live in salt water? A: Because pepper water makes them sneeze
    • What’s the most musical part of a fish? A: The scales

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