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Quiz: What’s the perfect barbecue for you?

44w ago

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Looking for the grill of your dreams? Need a new flame in your life? Well, good news – these sizzling hot barbies are waiting for YOU. Just answer a few questions, and we’ll pair you up with your match made in barbecue heaven…

What kind of barbecuer are you?

  • I’m a rookie barbecuer
  • I’m somewhat good at barbecuing
  • I only barbecue in summer
  • I’m a showboating barbecuer

What are you looking for in a grill?

  • It’s got to be easy to use
  • It’s got to give my food serious flavour
  • It’s got to look AWESOME
  • It’s got to have loads of cool features

Which of these barbecue dishes is your favourite?

  • A double-stacked cheeseburger piled high with grilled onions
  • Beer-can chicken
  • A whole rack of ribs with chipotle barbecue sauce
  • Elote – Mexican grilled corn with all the toppings

What’s your favourite kind of finger-licking barbecue sauce?

  • JAC (just add ketchup)
  • I have my own special marinade recipe
  • Forget the sauce, it’s all about the rub
  • I try a new kind of sauce each time

Your glow’s dying down. How are you gonna keep the fire burning?

  • I’ll add a bit more charcoal
  • This calls for some wood chips
  • Wood chunks will get it going again
  • I’ll douse it with lighter fuel

What’s your signature barbecue side?

  • Chips, duh
  • Can’t beat a bit of coleslaw
  • Beans, beans, beans
  • A fresh ‘n’ healthy salad

What fancy dish do you want to master with your new barbecue?

  • Pulled pork
  • Smoked brisket
  • Baby back ribs
  • BBQ pizza

Choose a slogan to have on your new apron.

  • ‘Natural born griller’
  • ‘Kiss the cook’
  • ‘It’s sausage time’
  • I don’t want a slogan, just lots of pictures of my face

What’s your favourite barbecue tool?

  • Tongs, for flippin’
  • Skewers, for skewerin’
  • Brushes, for bastin’
  • Thermometers, for temperature checkin’

Finally, choose a drink to sip while you cook.

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Cola
  • Punch

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