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Quiz: W​hat's your gin-spiration?

Judy Cogan posted in Drinks
1y ago

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Bright Spirits have created an award winning range of gins with 100% natural flavour. From fresh key lime to ginger root, it's the natural ingredients that give Pips, Peels and Roots gins their character – just the way the Gin Gods intended. Before you pick your fave, find out which gin matches you!

What does your ideal summer look like?

  • Long balmy evenings with ice and a slice
  • Relaxing on an exotic beach
  • Day trips to Wimbledon

Where is your perfect G&T location?

  • A​nywhere on the Mediterranean
  • D​efinitely Dubai
  • R​iverside in the English countryside

A summer picnic is nothing without?

  • J​uicy fruit and olives
  • M​ezze plates and spiced hummus
  • Eton mess for dessert

W​hat's your ultimate plan B career?

  • F​ruit picker in Italy
  • A belly dancer in Turkey
  • A​ tennis player

W​hat's your summer party of choice?

  • G​arden party
  • Bottomless brunch
  • A fabulous F​iesta

W​hat's your fave flavour of soup?

  • S​picy lentil
  • Summer g​azpacho
  • D​oes strawberry coulis count?

W​hat's top of your grocery list?

  • A​ lemon to squeeze on everything
  • G​inger to make tea
  • Fresh blueberries for energy boosts

W​here would you love to mooch most?

  • A​n Arabian souk
  • A​ farmer's market in Spain
  • A​ typically English fete

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