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    Quiz: Which celeb owns which alcohol brand? Volume 2

    37w ago


    Welcome to Volume 2 of the quiz: now to up the ante a bit. Will you have heard of all these brands? Will you know who owns them? Test your celeb, boozy knowledge!

    Who owns Miraval Rose?

    • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    • Drew Barrymore
    • Justin Timberlake
    • James Corden

    Who owns Born and Bred Vodka?

    • Marilyn Manson
    • Jamie Bell
    • Mark Strong
    • Channing Tatum

    Who owns Mansinthe?

    • Bono
    • David Bowie
    • Marilyn Manson
    • Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

    Who owns Grand Touring Vodka?

    • Birdman
    • Clarkson, Hammond and May
    • The Stig
    • Lil Wayne

    Who owns Dreaming Tree Wines?

    • Willie Nelson
    • Dave Matthews
    • Michael David Rosenberg (Passenger)
    • Mike Posner

    Who owns Ty Ku Sake?

    • Ne-Yo
    • Andre 3000
    • CeeLo Green
    • Busta Rhymes

    Who owns Ciroc Vodka?

    • Birdman
    • Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs
    • Lil Jon
    • Lil Wayne

    Who owns Mmmhops?

    • Hanson Brothers
    • Han Solo
    • Tom Green
    • Train (the band)

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