Quiz: Which element of a Full English breakfast are you?

1y ago

Where are you at a party?

  • Centre of the room, dancing and singing.
  • Chatting in the corner, socialising, but nothing audacious.
  • I wasn't invited.
  • Beans?

What is your morning routine?

  • Simple, efficient and easy.
  • Detailed, precise and Insta-perfect.
  • Chaotic. An omni-shambles.
  • Morning? I don't get up until the afternoon!
  • Beans?

Ideal qualities in a car?

  • Fast, luxurious, stylish. Just like me.
  • Ready for anything, capable, spacious, and tough. Probably an estate.
  • Just a car. As long as it gets me where I need to go, I'm not fussed.
  • Beans?

Do you always take photos of your food before eating?

  • Yes! My hundreds of Insta followers need to know about my sandwich!
  • No. I'm too impatient and have typically eaten it all before everyone else has finished taking photos.
  • Beans?

And lastly: beans?

  • BEANS!
  • No thank you.

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