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    Q​uiz: Which Great British Bake Off judge are you?

    18w ago


    Which are you better at?

    • B​aking bread
    • Baking cakes​
    • C​ooking

    Which is more frustrating to you?

    • S​oggy bottoms
    • Underbaked food
    • Ugly food

    H​ow do you congratulate people?

    • T​ell them what a good job they've done
    • G​ive them a handshake
    • G​ive them a thumbs up

    W​hat's another hobby you have?

    • C​ars
    • W​riting
    • S​ports

    D​o you eat large or small portions?

    • L​arge
    • S​mall

    W​hich would you rather eat?

    • Homemade s​ourdough bread
    • V​ictoria Sponge
    • C​hili

    Which is your favourite quote?

    • "I like to remind the contestants where they are by playing the ‘Bake Off’ theme tune on my phone as they walk into the tent. They freak out, and suddenly it dawns on them that they're on the show."
    • "There is no such thing as too big. Not in my world."
    • “I don't give a toss for drizzles and fizzles – that's not food. I like real food."

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        4 months ago