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Breakfast brought to you by

Q​uiz: Which meal of the day are you?

41w ago

Which food would you rather have?

  • M​eatball sub sandwich
  • E​ggs and toast
  • S​teak and mashed potatoes

W​hich do you like more: eggs or meat?

  • Eggs
  • M​eat

W​hen do you usually wake up?

  • 5​:00am or earlier
  • 5:00​-7:00am
  • 8​:00-10:00am
  • 1​1:00am or later

D​o you tend to eat large amounts of food?

  • Yes, I eat very large servings
  • No, I eat smaller servings
  • I eat medium size servings

D​o you like staying up late?

  • Y​es
  • N​o

W​ould you consider yourself to be a good cook?

  • Y​es
  • I​'m ok, but not fantastic
  • I​'m not that good of a chef

P​ick your favourite food from this list...

  • Sandwich
  • S​tew
  • C​old cereal

Which is your favorite primary color?

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