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Quiz: Which pasta should you self-isolate with?

1y ago

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The supermarkets are in chaos. You’ve managed to snag a pack of toilet rolls and some tinned tomatoes. You head into the pasta aisle, but just can’t decide. What kind of pasta should you self-isolate with? Don’t sweat it. Just take our quiz and find your match made in store-cupboard heaven.

How do you plan to entertain yourself while you’re self-isolating?

  • Reading all those books I haven’t got round to reading yet
  • Obsessing over the news and social media
  • Seems like a good opportunity to play some video games
  • Whipping up new foodie creations from unlikely store cupboard ingredients

Which of your plans got cancelled because of Coronavirus?

  • I was going to go to a gig
  • I was going to go on a date
  • I was going to go on holiday
  • I was going to buy more toilet roll

What series are you going to binge-watch on Netflix?

  • Breaking Bad
  • The Crown
  • Sex Education
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation

How will you communicate with the outside world?

  • Phone call
  • WhatsApp
  • Vlog
  • I do not wish to communicate

You need to go outside. Why?

  • I have to walk the dog
  • I have to buy more food
  • I have to go to the gym
  • I can’t stand being inside anymore

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