Quiz: Which traditional British dessert are you?

31w ago

In a continuation of my Traditional British cuisine quizzes, we turn our attention to the dessert menu for this delight. Puddings, cakes, pies and tarts are all still to come...

Sweet or savoury?

  • Sweet
  • Savoury

How obscure do you like your desserts?

  • Hella obscure
  • I stick with what I know
  • I know some stuff

Would you like something fruity?

  • Oh go on
  • Nah, you're good
  • Fairly fruity please

Would you like custard on that?

  • OOOohhhh yes
  • Just a bit please
  • No thank you

Crunchy or smooth?

  • I like a good cronch
  • I want a mix of textures please
  • Smoooooooth, like Barry White

Hot or cold?

  • Hot
  • Either
  • Cold
  • Icy

And pick a bowl or glass

  • Tall boi
  • Broad boi
  • Small boi
  • Handy bois
  • Plain boi
  • Plate boi

How about a location?

  • Working at the brick works
  • Down on the beach
  • Sitting in the park
  • An afternoon tea in the garden
  • With the family at the dinner table

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