Racing Bakes: Austria's Sachertorte recipe

    F1 returns this weekend with the Austrian GP. To celebrate, we have the recipe for Austria's national cake

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    The 2020 Formula 1 season, as with every other year, was due to get underway in March. The intentions were good and the whole F1 circus was present and ready to go, on the day, but the world had other ideas.

    Covid-19 has impacted everything we know, including sport. At the very last minute, around 5 hours before the first practice session was due to start, it was called off. There was a positive Covid-19 test in the paddock and with crowds hundreds deep, that just couldn't be allowed.

    Lockdown followed with weeks and weeks of isolation and drivers taking to simulators to keep sharp and keep the fans entertained. And that they did.

    But the moment has come for us to safely get back to normal.

    The circus has assembled again and made their way to Austria. The whole area has been commandeered and the sport has formed a bubble with regular Covid testing, face coverings, and social distancing in place.

    It's time to get racing again and, to celebrate, I have made the national cake of the country our first race is taking part in. Here's how!


    A word on the eggs

    We use free range, mixed weight eggs. A lot of recipes will call for medium or large eggs but it's quite unnatural for a hen to lay consistently large eggs so, to make it happen, farmers use various cruel methods to get them to lay larger eggs than they ordinarily would.

    This is not good for the hen, imagine the pain, so we choose mixed weight as it doesn't interfere too much with the recipe and it allows the hen to lay them naturally. It goes without saying that we also choose free range egg to avoid battery farmed varieties

    This needn't be more expensive either. We use this blue variety which are very pretty but they also taste amazing and just look at those yolks!

    Let's go racing!

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