Racing Bakes: Bahraini Umm Ali

Its sweet, gooey, crispy comfort food and, after today's Bahraini Grand Prix, that's what we all need

13w ago

The Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain is one we all look forward to every year and this year, in keeping with the weirdness it has been delivering, we are having two races there. The first was on the traditional circuit layout and was memorable, perhaps for the wrong reasons.

You know when someone gets a nasty shock you are supposed to give them something sweet, like a very sugary tea? Well this week's Racing Bake is sweet enough to absolutely fit the bill. We never want a race where that's needed but, thankfully, today's race seems to have ended with more gratitude than anything else - no spoilers though.

Umm Ali is a traditional Bahraini dessert that is as versatile as it is simple. The one i've made includes all the basics, some of which can be switched out, but you can add all sorts of nuts, any dried fruit you like, and even some chocolate chips if you want to be radical with it!

It's amazing as a tray bake to keep everyone in the house happy (or just yourself on multiple visits - no judgement) but, equally, it's such a simple recipe that you can scale it down and make an individual serving in an oven proof mug or ramekin.

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