Racing Bakes: Cashew and Pistachio Baklava

It's the last race of what has been an undeniably amazing season and we have saved a good one for it!

11w ago

I don't think anyone will deny the fact that 2020 has.....not gone to plan. For some, it has been better than for others but I think that, across the board, we will all be rating it fairly low when it comes to the Trip Advisor review - a polite 3 stars at best.

Formula 1 is unlikely to want excused from that unpredictability evaluation. Having ambitiously turned up in Australia at the start of the season, as if there wasn't a global pandemic happening, it was cancelled at the last minute (literally, on Saturday morning!) and it looked like there would be no 2020 season at all. That there has been is a blessing, and boy has it been a good one.

It didn't go to plan but, if nothing else, it has proven that things that don't go to plan can be a million times better than expected. We have gone to places we never dreamed we would be going, in some cases more than once. There have been wonky driver line-ups due to illness (thankfully everyone has been ok) and some fairytale results you'd never have dreamt of predicting - we are looking at you Pierre Gasly.

But we come to the last race of the season, in Abu Dhabi. One last race. One last Carlos and Lando. One last Charles and Seb. One last Checo at Racing Point. One last Danny Ric at Renault - the list goes on. The massive changes scheduled for next year may have been delayed but it seems it's all change anyway.

We are embracing this event of many lasts with one of the tastiest bakes of the year. Pistachio and cashew baklava which is very much something you can add to as you like and pretty much make it up as you go along but make it! Just make it because it's delicious!

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