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Raided the freezer again for burgers from Jeremy's favourite butcher, which is Hook Norton, topped with stilton cheese, garlic mushrooms, spring onion and mayo. One of Mrs Larry's favourites. I apologise as there is no enthusiasm to this post but I'll probably be here until the bitter end nonetheless.

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  • We understand how you feel but we will be here until the end!

      6 days ago
  • Ughhhh. Beautiful burger under depressing circumstances. I'm utterly gutted sad I will miss your posts!

      7 days ago
    • Thanks John, and I will miss your posts too. I was looking forward to seeing how your move to Florida went. Take a look at the other platforms, Doug's Discord seems pretty good and whole heap of tribers have just signed up.

        6 days ago
  • Definitely a great looking burger, definitely a Top 5

    Yes it is very sad, we are all crushed my friend 😔

      5 days ago
  • It is all fairly depressing Larry, food tribe has been good friendly times and banter. A one off I'd say.

    In reply to your post, I have had stuff from that butchers and been to the brewery, what an amazing place. Are you on messenger or WhatsApp, I'd love to keep in touch. Best wishes to you and yours 😋😂

      7 days ago
    • Thanks Adrian. Unfortunately I'm not on WhatsApp or any platform that requires a mobile number because people from work then start using it to contact me and I don't want my personal time intruded on. Facebook messenger isn't really my...

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        6 days ago