Raise your gift giving game this Valentine's Day

Here are a few original, high quality gifts that could just make the perfect treat for that special someone!

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Avoid the well-worn gift options this Valentine's. Because who's going to remember another bunch of roses or heart shaped chocolate box? Instead, shower your significant other in your spectacular originality and creativity... by following the recommendations listed below. Here are 5 things to replace the Valentine's Day classics.

Who Wants a Rose When You Could Have a Rosé?

Consider sparing your loved one the dead flowers this year, and choosing instead a lovely bottle of namesake wine. This is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself... um I mean, treat your significant other... to a new variety, like this Nyetimber English Sparkling Rosé, available for £39.99.

English sparkling wine is becoming highly revered internationally; global warming means that some English counties like Kent, Sussex and Hampshire are now the perfect temperature to grow some magnificent fizz. Perfect for the first post-Brexit Valentine's day. (You can even borrow that joke on the night.)

Find it on Amazon here

Wine Still Too Cliche? How About a Wine Book Then?

Wine Simple: A Very Approachable Guide from an Otherwise Serious Sommelier (£17.50) is a beautifully designed book, and is an absolute pleasure to flick through. It's perfect for anyone who appreciates a glass or two but isn't too clued up: it introduces readers to flavour wheels, grape varieties, the methods behind producing and tasting wine and much more. This is one of those books that's just a joy to have in your hands: it's big; it's hardback; it's got a nice layout; and it will look great on any coffee table.

I'd say that this book makes a great gift to give while out in a restaurant – you could have some fun testing out your nose and palette on the night. No longer will you need to blindly order the second least expensive wine on the list!

Find it on Amazon at a discount price here.

Skip the Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box, and Give a Chocolate Making Workshop!

Chocolates are all well and good, but if you have the time, then you can really push the boat out and give your S.O. something that'll really make their heart melt: quality time with you. I know, right? Adorable.

'My Chocolate' tout themselves as the original chocolate making workshop, and for £50 a head you can learn about the journey of chocolate all the way from bean to bar in their chocolate workshop. In addition, you'll be able to taste all kinds of chocolate that you won't find in the shops, and, of course, have a go making some yourself. You'll leave with a bag full of goodies and a whole host of information and know-how about chocolate production! This is available in Manchester, London and Brighton, so if you're near any of these places then it's worth a look!

Have a look at their website for details!

Elevate Your Homemade Treats: You Can Do Better Than Strawberries in Chocolate

Everyone loves strawberries dipped in chocolate. They're sweet, they look good and you can just about convince yourself they're healthy. But if you want to hit new heights of originality, you should try and raise your game.

Maybe make some tiffin, truffles or florentines (or whatever floats that special someone's boat) using an internet recipe, and pop them in a really posh box like this to give this the feel of a truly thought-out gift.

Skip the Crowded Restaurant and Settle for an All-Out Home Cook

Spare yourself the hassle of booking on the busiest night of the year. For a fraction of the cost, and only a couple of hours' hard work, you could make this Valentine's a good'un by getting crafty in the kitchen. And if you want to wow with your cooking, there is, in my opinion, only one route: fresh pasta. That's right, treat yourself this Valentine's day to the ultimate kitchen gadget, and use it to make your fave person the meal they deserve.

The Marcato Atlas is widely considered to be the best balance between quality and affordability, and you can find it on Amazon here.

Do any of these catch your eye?

I hope at least one of these ideas has given you some inspiration for making Valentine's Day 2020 a romantic one. If you've got any more original or unexpected foodie Valentine's gift ideas, then let everyone in on it in the comments!

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