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    • This reminds me, i need to ask for another cheap cook wear set for Xmas...

        11 months ago
    • NASA food hydrator, by NASA.

      I'll pass on the primitive early industrial age saucepans.

      The Le Motley Creuset looks like it was found in a medieval kitchen.

      Does it come with water collected off of a copper sheathed roof ?

        11 months ago
    • I tend to wait and hunt, ALDI/LIDL have some cracking cast iron bargains at different times during the year and they work well.

        10 months ago
      • Aldi is such a good store. I really enjoyed shopping there when I lived in the US.

          10 months ago
      • We are lucky here, we also have Lidl, usually close by so they really push each other for offers.

        I managed to find a cast iron "roaster" with lid, fully enameled in the clearance box (they had a few) way after the offer ended so they could make...

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          10 months ago
    • I personally like clear cookware

        11 months ago
      • My mom has that exact same set! I loved watching things boiling in it. I would get one myself, but transparent - not brown. Unfortunately, they are hard to find here nowadays.

          11 months ago
      • Right? My mom had a cranberry colored set. All that is never found again sadly lol

          11 months ago
    • Never heard of any of these

        11 months ago