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    Ben K posted in Food Fun

    1y ago


    Rank from best to worst the food that tastes better the second day or reheated
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      • Take away food
      • Turkey
      • Pizza
      • Bread
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      Comments (6)

      • Bread is like a new car - it starts losing value from when it comes out the bakery.

          1 year ago
        • We've seen the forensic lab tests on Top Gear, of the nasty greeblies that breed in a car over time.

          Imagine what could breed in a cars recyclable air con system .

          I like to visit bakeries, and buy lunch, and eat in the car.

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            1 year ago
        • No eating in the car. Ever.

            1 year ago
      • Chili is always better the 2nd day.

          11 months ago
      • Risk of salmonella and botulism is a consideration.

        My Medical Doctor brother says he's not sure if any food should be stored after being cooked the first time, because of bacteriological contamination risk.

        When I was doing microbiology at Uni, a question was posed :

        " What if you have frozen seafood or poultry in your freezer, and a power outage occurs , while you are away from home for a few days ? The seafood and poultry could rise in temperature to a level where potentially harmful toxin producing bacteria could breed to a dangerous count.

        Then the power comes back on, the seafood and poultry refreezes, you come home, cook it, and get a bit sick . "

        It could be fun to organise a tv show where residents perform routine Salmonella and botulism tests around the kitchen.

        Ok , maybe fun is not the right word ?

        Maybe it would be a bit icky and scary.

        Salmonella Test Kits | Fast & reliable Salmonella testing


        The RapidChek ® SELECT™ Salmonella Group B (incl. Typhimurium) test is the only sero-specific Salmonella Group B lateral flow assay. It uses the same proprietary media system as the RapidChek ® SELECT™ Salmonella test kit. The difference is made by the highly specific Salmonella serogroup B antibody on the lateral flow device.

          1 year ago