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1y ago
Rank Poll: Should coffee makers turn themselves off?

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    Comments (17)

    • Absolutely. Have you even smelt a burnt coffee pot?

        1 year ago
      • Yep but still not as bad as cold coffee repeatedly ...?

          1 year ago
      • The branch manager of my work once came in and poured himself a cup of coffee while I was on lunch. He took a big drink, and the shudder was epic. He yelled "WHO TURNED OFF THE DAMN COFFEE POT" in dramatic fashion, and put his mug in the microwave....

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          1 year ago
    • Don’t drink coffee. That solves the issue

        1 year ago
    • Mine shuts off after 2 hrs. Which is good cause it is usually empty.

        1 year ago
      • Ha or the leftover would boil to a sludge. I remember that happening in the old days.

          1 year ago
    • Yes. Because I CBA to get up to do it lol

        1 year ago
    • I used to work in an office with a commercial-grade Bunn coffeemaker that can make a pot in about a minute as long as it was hot. If that ever shut off automatically I'm sure someone would have put a hit out for the designer

        1 year ago
      • Exactly how I feel every time I unknowingly pour and take a swig of cold coffee....

          1 year ago