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Rank poll: Which of these is best for dipping your French fries in?

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Ketchup
    • BBQ sauce
    • Mayo
    • Mustard
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    Comments (42)

    • You haven't lived until you've dipped fries in a Frosty from Wendys

        7 months ago
      • And those would be the only things I like at Wendy's! Fries in a Frosty? Heck yeah!

          7 months ago
    • Salt & vinegar

        7 months ago
    • I love French fries and European mayo to dip them in (it's slightly different than our American mayo).

      Papa John's Pizza has these little cheese cups for dipping pizza crust in...

      ...I'll buy a bunch up to keep on hand in the fridge for French fry dipping!

        7 months ago
      • I had no idea cheese dips for pizza crusts even existed... I actually need that in my life

          7 months ago
      • Yes, yes, they do! Delicious! The garlic butter that Dominoes use to have was AMAZING!! 👍👍

          7 months ago
    • Heinz tomato 🍅 ketchup only on mine although bbq sauce would be fine .

        7 months ago
    • Mustard, mayo, hot sauce blend

        7 months ago