2y ago
R​ANK: What is the Best Foodie Movie?

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    • R​atatoulli
    • E​at, Pray, Love
    • M​y Big Fat Greek Wedding
    • C​hocolat
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    Comments (14)

    • Hundred foot journey!

        2 years ago
    • Cannot watch Chocolat,in the book the Johnny Depp character is GINGER,not Johnny Depp! Can't watch any of those films anyway,life is to short 😊

        2 years ago
    • I think there are some missing...Chef, 100 Foot Journey, Burnt and Babette's Feast come to mind immediately...others will surely follow. Thanks for reminding me of some faves, though!

        2 years ago
    • Yeah, Ratatouille!

        2 years ago
    • Several oh these I have not seen..lol. Kinda winged it

        2 years ago