Ravenwood Castle, Bed and Breakfast

Nestled in Ohio's Hocking hills region.

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1y ago

We make a yearly trip to Ravenwood Castle. This makes our sixth stay at the castle. It is our special little getaway from everything. We are usually here towards the end of May and Ohio scenery for the drive is really hard to beat. Inside the castle they have some themed rooms and a trip down the sidewalk will bring you to the medieval village where it is themed cottages. To see one of their castle rooms here is a video walk thru of King Arthur's Suite.

I did say it was a bed and breakfast, every morning breakfast is served buffet style. There is usually some kind of breakfast casserole, muffins, granola, cereal, fresh fruit, milk, coffee and juice. Usually you serve yourself but thanks to just coming out of lockdown they dish up your plate for you. They just reopened the Great Hall for you to sit and enjoy your breakfast but several tables have been removed.

Downstairs is the pub, they serve some pub food such as a burger, a few soups, wings, fries, cheese sticks and more. They fix some mixed drinks and serve beers from some local breweries. Currently they have removed all the bar stools and there are not as many tables to make sure to keep people socially distanced. Normally the public is also allowed to come to eat but not currently. There is also a library in the next room from the pub.

There are a couple of hiking trail on the property and within a 1/2 hour car trip you are close to several hiking areas, ziplines and horseback riding. So if you are looking for a quiet place to hide or just passing through Ohio and looking for somewhere a little different, come check out Ravenwood Castle.

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