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16w ago
The Real Oatmeal Porridge

By a real Englishman

Prep time1h
Cook time1h
Total time2h


  • Whole oats 1 cup
  • Crushed oatmeals (15 min of cooking) 2 tb sp
  • Water 3 cup
  • Salt
  • Sugar/Sweet/Honey/Fruits/Spices



  1. Pour 1 mug of oats with 3 mugs of water in a bowl. Leave for an hour.
  2. Then add a little crushed oatmeal 2-3 large spoons.
  3. Cook over medium heat for about an hour. Stir sometimes with a wooden spoon (spatula). Stir the oatmeal counterclockwise. Always one way only. According to old English superstition, if you interfere in a clockwise direction, then some kind of failure will happen.

Ready-made porridge can be served in two ways:

  1. First way: add bananas, apricots and sugar. Make holes in the porridge and pour milk into them.
  2. The second way: put a piece of butter in the porridge and let it brew. Add granulated sugar, spices and cranberries. Stick cinnamon sticks into the porridge and dry orange. Add honey.

Recipe Notes

Whole oat porridge contains a maximum of useful things. You can avoid stomach ulcers and gastritis if you consume this porridge regularly.

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English people

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But only real lords who are in no hurry and have their own servants can afford to cook it for themselves in the morning... Or no? What do you think of it? In any case, a festive breakfast with such porridge will be one of the traditional, best and certainly aristocratic... And now accessible to everyone, because we have a FoodTribe , where we share the secrets of truly delicious and healthy food. Happy Birthday! May all dreams come true ... .

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