Reasons why Italians are pedants about food

We really care about our food, like, really care about it.

2y ago

Many things have been said, and many memes have been created about us Italians and our relationship with food,.

Maybe they're a little exaggerated, but they're based on truth.

One time, I was talking with an English boy, and he tells me: "I don't understand why Italians believe they are the only ones who know how to eat!"

I replied, perhaps a little harshly... "Maybe… because it's true!" Obviously I don't think that, but I was annoyed, and I wanted to be deliberately nasty.

Many countries eat well. I love Japanese cuisine, for example. I believe that Japanese food is even healthier than ours: rice, fish and vegetables are all key parts of a healthy diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is full of carbohydrates... perhaps a little too much! We eat pasta, pizza, bread... carbohydrates are an Italian's best friend!

However, for us, food is essential because it is a way of transmitting our love.

If you go home to an Italian, you will always find a place at his or her table, at any time of day or night. One of the best things in the world is to make garlic oil and hot pepper spaghetti at midnight.

And when we're far away from family, the first thing our moms ask us on the phone is, "What did you eat?"

Italian grandmothers and mothers cook every day, especially on Sunday, because it's a significant moment for the family.

When you go to visit an Italian grandmother, first of all, she says "You're too skinny," and then feeds you up like a turkey before Thanksgiving. For Love.

For an Italian, food is love, but also a consolation. And we have so many reasons to console ourselves.

Clarkson is right: our political situation is pretty bad, and we change the government as often as Hammond has accidents. This means we haven't had credible economic development plans, which brings the financial situation to stagnation.

So... our unemployment rate is 10%.

And so on and so on in vicious circles. We have the same problems today as we had 20 years ago.

But we Italians are like this: we grumble, we moan, then we eat and try to make the best of what we have.

It is for all this that we are pedantic about food – because it makes us happy.

So when you meet an Italian who gets angry if:

- You put the pineapple on the pizza

- Sprinkle the ketchup on the pasta

- Make the carbonara "imaginative"

- Say that Spaghetti alla Bolognese is a real recipe

- Serve coffee that looks like dirty water kind. It's not pedantic, it's just being tied to tradition.

We Italians are waiting for you: come and eat real Italian cuisine, and you'll understand why we care so much!

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Comments (31)

  • so if food is love, then we 'Murricans are the, um, "most" lovers on Earth

      2 years ago
  • You may be as pedantic as you wish as long as you keep making your great food, sexy cars, and beautiful women.

      2 years ago
  • There is definitely bond that is made when people eat together. That is a funny list of cultural Italian no no's!

      2 years ago
  • it's because they're good at it. Whatever else we may think or say about Italians, the quality of the food is unparalleled

      1 year ago
  • Will in Kuwait 🇰🇼 we do the same when we’r happy we eat when we’r sad we eat any occasion there is food involved,,, also my mother on the phone asking what do you have for lunch or dinner !! And what you going to cook for tomorrow 😊 I think Italians and Kuwaitis are the same

      1 year ago