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Recipe: A tropical Donna Rose cocktail for a lazy autumn day

Kick back and dream of the Tropics with this punchy, zesty cocktail

Shuqi Yu posted in Drinks
2w ago

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Is it just us, or has autumn appeared all of a sudden? However, just because summer's on its way out doesn't mean you need to say goodbye to light and zesty cocktails just yet. It's perfectly acceptable to be sipping on this tropical Donna Rose.

A punchy blend of gin, bittersweet Campari, sweet vermouth, coconut rum, and of course Mionetto Rosé Prosecco, with shavings of grapefruit, this cocktail will bring back memories of spending precious summers in the Tropics. A feeling we can all vibe with surely! And if you don't have any memories of the Tropics, this cocktail will conjure up some for you anyway.

Central to it all is a bottle of Mionetto Rosé Prosecco from the world's best-selling Prosecco brand. It's been available for less than a year after Italy changed its strict winemaking laws, and finally allowed the world to get hold of this yummy pink fizz.

So kick back outside, enjoy the last bit of summer warmth, and mix up one (who's counting?) of these spritzy, bold Donnas!

Mionetto 'Donna Rose' (Donna Reid)

The ultimate mix of fruity and floral

Prep time30min
Total time35min


  • 30ml - Gin
  • 30ml - Campari
  • 10ml - Sweet vermouth
  • 10ml - Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur
  • Grapefruit peel, garnish
  • Mionetto Rosé Prosecco DOC


  1. Chill a bottle of Mionetto Rosé Prosecco in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  2. Add Gin, Campari, Vermouth and Coconut Rum to a glass and stir.
  3. Express grapefruit oils and stir for around 1 minute.
  4. Top with Mionetto Prosecco Rosé.

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  • Had me at coconut rum and prosecco

      16 days ago