Recipe: Cakelike pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips

    You need these in your spooky world

    Amanda M posted in Baking

    5w ago


    After well over a month searching grocery stores for canned pumpkin, I finally found it! It was starting to feel... fruitless.

    I can finally bake my delicious pumpkin cookies and share the recipe. These are not an overwhelming pumpkin flavor, so even those who don't obsess over pumpkin may like these. They're perfect for Halloween and throughout Thanksgiving (for those in the US). This recipe makes 2 dozen cookies. Feel free to easily double the ingredients for a party.

    Alternatives: Swap out the chocolate chips for any flavor you like. You can use semi-sweet, dark, white, butterscotch, or even pumpkin spice. You can use finely chopped nuts like pecans instead, or make them plain without any additions. Any way you make them, I'm sure you and yours will love them.


    Do you have a favorite pumpkin treat to bake? Tell me in the comments!

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