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RECIPE: F​ried portobello mushrooms

Time to back a little bit to delicious taste of childhood

1w ago

P​arents bought some portabello mushrooms, so decided to prepare them like a meal of my childhood. When during autumn season we went to forest for weekend mushrooming with family and friends. It was real fun for a kid, most of the mushrooms after we back home were washed, cutted and dried like (bolet mushrooms, edible bolet, porcini etc) But when parasol mushrooms were found then real party started. Mushrooms were prepared immediately after arriving home in possible the easiest way. Namely soaked in egg, coated in flour and breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and then fried. Eaten with salad, potatoes or just with fresh bread. It was so delicious 🤤 and kinda childhood comfort food.

W​e couldn't find parasol mushrooms at the moment anywhere ,so I chose portobello instead. Also fantastic idea for meal and great time-machine to feel like a little happy child again. Let's jump to recipe then!


P​ortobello mushrooms (x400g)

F​lour (250g)

B​readcrumbs (250g)

E​ggs (x2)

S​alt and pepper to taste (I added a lot to taste, also you may add other favourite seasonings)

O​il for frying

I​ used 11 mushroom hats so I doubled ingredients


1​. Wash mushrooms and dry them with paper towel. Set them aside for a moment and prepare three plates for flour, breadcrumbs and eggs. Mix eggs with seasoning.

2​. Soak mushrooms in egg, coat it in flour, again one more time in egg then in bread crumbs. Put them on the big plate or tray.

3​. Fry them in the pan on medium heat, till gold colour.

S​erve them with whatever you want ☺️

I​ served them today with roasted vegetables and homemade Belgian suace. It was so delicious, portobello mushrooms were so juicy. Meal was sumptous.

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Comments (20)

  • It looks really delicious!

      11 days ago
  • This looks fantastic! I'll have to try it someday 😋

      11 days ago
    • Thank you it was. Woah! you have a lot of to try from me 🤣

        11 days ago
    • I have indeed! Waiting for a good opportunity to try the iogurt cake 😻

        11 days ago
  • Love mushrooms 🍄

      11 days ago
  • It is nice when a meal takes you back to happy childhood memories.

      11 days ago
    • Yep, exactly especially happy one 😄

        10 days ago
  • Very nice! The only mushroom I can forage for are morels

      11 days ago