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Recipe: Paneer fritters with a tomato and cucumber salad and tangy dip

Fritters come in many forms, but you batter try these

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I​n our humble opinion, anything that's made of batter, or covered in batter, is delicious. We have a lot of time for a fritter for this very reason. Plus they're super quick, easy and require minimal effort to make, as well as being EXTRA tasty, of course.

Fritters come in many forms and usually consist of a batter filled with different vegetables or meat. Here is a super tasty vegetarian version with plenty of flavour and protein that comes from Apetina Paneer.

In case you're new to the magical world of paneer, it's a soft, mild and fresh-tasting type of cheese that has been enjoyed in India for centuries and traditionally is made with citrus juice and milk. You can marinate it, grill it, fry it, or pop it into soups or stews. Plus paneer contains just 8% fat and aids digestion, so it really is good for you. No messing! Buy it basically everywhere (most major supermarkets and even Amazon) and use it in ALL YOUR COOKING. Seriously, you can use this stuff in everything from curries to fajitas to tacos to stir fries.

But back to the tasty task at hand... it's paneer fritter time.

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  • NEED to make these. Love a fritter...!

      1 month ago