Recipe round-up: Sugar and Spice delights

Get your oven pre-heated for some sweet goodness...

8w ago

There is plenty of goodness to try, so I hope your sweet tooth is still going strong.

Filipa Santos: Raffaello Cheesecake

This dessert looks like a winter wonderland all on its own.

Robin Ho: Candied almonds

How can you say no to something so simple that is sweet and crunchy too?

Emilia Mig: Traditional Poppy Seed cake

A nice little childhood memory of Emilia's. Sounds rather tasty and that cake looks so fluffy.

Alex R: Chocolate Cake Pine Cones

An absolutely amazing looking dessert, it is sure to catch everyone's attention.

Robin Ho: Ginger beer cookies

Another sweet treat from Robin, he made some ginger beer cookies. These definitely sound delicious as I am a big fan of ginger and ginger beer.

I hope you all enjoyed the recipes gathered up into this post.

If you make any of them, show me in the comments.

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