Recipe: the easiest, most retro dessert ever

(Other than ordering a milkshake to share with your date at the local diner, that is)

40w ago

1950s and '60s cuisine in the United States was all about gelatin, specifically name brand Jello. It wasn't limited to only desserts, but was used with main meals too. Savory foods like ham, lamb, tuna, mayonnaise, and even sauerkraut were all encased in an ornate Jello mold and served to victims... er, guests. But don't lose sleep, because I won't be recreating any of those. Ever.

The gelatin desserts were fine! Plain Jello was a delicacy, especially with canned fruit added to it. If you've never had lime Jello with pineapple bits in it, you should add it to your next shopping list. Here is a super easy gelatin dessert made with cream cheese. That's really it.

I first made this a few years ago on a sweltering hot and humid night here in Pennsylvania. The first week of September is like that. This dessert is refreshing – the perfect light and airy treat for a hot summer evening.

Try it for yourself!

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Comments (9)

  • is quite tasty dessert, my grandmother used to do it when was little kid, different colours of layers

      9 months ago
  • Just made this at work for easter meals, but its lime-pear jello, with cream cheese, pureed pears, and cool whip!

      9 months ago
  • That reminds of an epic FRIENDS episode, where Joey goes... There's always room for Jello! 🤣🤣🤣

      9 months ago