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Recipe: The perfect flame-cooked steak

Take your steak to the next level with Ooni Pizza Ovens

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Nothing can quite compare with a good flame-cooked steak.

Whether you're a well done, medium or rare kind of person, a good steak has a place in all of our hearts. Although the name may not make it obvious, Ooni pizza ovens provide a high heat ideal for cooking the perfect steak, in no time at all.

With the Dual Sided Grizzler Plate, not only can you cook multiple steaks at a time, but you can also get those dreamy sear marks to make your steak feel extra gourmet. We are here for it.

A very simple recipe, but with a deliciously juicy and tender end result. As 'they' say, (you know, they?) less is more. Who said Ooni Pizza Ovens were just for pizza?

The perfect flame-grilled steak

A simple but succulent flame-grilled steak recipe

Prep time5min
Cook time10min
Total time15min


  • 2 thick cut prime steaks (roughly 8-12oz per steak)
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Your favourite steak rub, to taste
  • 2 tbsp butter


  1. Before you’re ready to cook, allow the steaks to come up to room temperature. This ensures a clean, even cook throughout.
  2. Next, season your steak by gently patting the salt and pepper into the meat with a little olive oil.
  3. Fire up your Ooni pizza oven. Aim for 500°C (932°F) on the stone baking board inside. You can check the temperature of your oven quickly and easily using the Ooni Infrared Thermometer. The super high temperature is vital to achieve the perfect steak. Why? It allows important chemical reactions to take place, caramelising the fats and sugars and ensuring a rich and succulent cut.
  4. Place your seasoned cast iron Dual Sided Grizzler Plate in the oven to preheat. After 10 minutes, remove the plate. Using tongs, carefully lay your steaks across the grizzler ribs.
  5. Put the plate back in the oven. For a 20mm cut steak, cook for around 90 seconds on each side. Flip and rotate the steak to ensure an even heat distribution in the hotter zones of the oven.
  6. Using a meat thermometer, check the temperature inside your steak. For rare, aim for 52°C (125°F). For medium rare, aim for 57°C (135°F). You can use increments of 10°F for increasing levels of doneness.
  7. Once cooked to your desired level, remove the Dual Sided Grizzler Plate and transfer the steaks to a wooden cutting board. Add a knob of butter, cover with aluminium foil, and let the meat rest for roughly the time it took to cook. This allows the juices to settle evenly, ensuring full flavour with every bite.
  8. Finally, serve. For maximum tenderness, slice across the grain of the steak with a sharp knife.

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