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Record breaking Snickers bar weighs more than an SUV

That's one heavy chocolate bar...

1y ago

One of my new favourite SUVs is the Kia Telluride. Its curb weight is 4,482 lbs, which is slightly over two tonnes. If you say the Telluride is a light car, created using light weight materials, well there is the Jeep Grand Cherokee whose curb weight comes in at 4,625 lbs. That's a heavy car.

Recently, Snickers set a Guinness World Record for creating the Largest Chocolate Nut Bar that weighs 4,728 lbs. Thats more than both the SUVs, mentioned above. The record breaking Snickers bar is 3.6 meters long i.e. 11.8 ft. To create this giant bar Snickers used 3,500 lbs of chocolate and 1,300 lbs of caramel, nougat and peanuts. The record breaking bar was produced at the Mars Wrigley factory at Waco, Texas.

One major criteria for this bar to get this record is that it has to be fit for human consumption and it is. Now that the record has been set, the giant bar will be shared by Mars employees around around the United States. This is a nice gesture to Mars employees to enjoy their giant creation.

I would have loved to get a small piece or stick my face in the giant Snicker bar, I do not know why I want to do that, but I just want to.

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