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Recreating a Drake song using jam jars?

This is rather impressive

2y ago

The song '10 bands' by Drake is one of his most popular songs and has had millions upon millions of streams since its release back in 2016.

But, what happens when you combine Drake and jam? This might seem a strange concept to some, but to us and a man called Dan Mace, this makes perfect sense.

What the YouTuber, Dan Mace has done is rather cool. He has taken a line of jam jars and has recreated Drake's '10 bands' using only a wooden spoon and the power of editing. Take a listen:

What song would you recreate?

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Comments (2)

  • since all Drake 'songs' sound like somebody trying to break glass anyway, this seems plausible

      1 year ago
  • Comment? comment!

      2 years ago