Review: Reese's white creme & peanut butter miniature cups

Miniature bites of satisfaction

4w ago

Many of you all know I do not eat chocolate, and one of the candies I miss is Reese's peanut butter cups. That mix of chocolate and sweet peanut butter was simply perfection to me back in my youth. Make that in miniature form and somehow it tasted even better.

Am I the only one that thought the miniature Reese's somehow tasted better than the full sized ones?

After more than thirty years of not having chocolate, I still miss a Reese's peanut butter cup. My wife got back from the store the other day and slid over a bag of something. She said, "I think you will really like what I found for you".

Looking in the bag with excitement I pulled out the Reese's. I went from excitement to wonderment and thought, "can they be any good?"

Well I am here to report FoodTribe that they are fantastic! Reese's you have me completely addicted! Now you know what this means? These are probably going to be a limited time run and they will never make them again and I only have half a bag left. That is how my life goes you all.

Have any of you tried these mini bites of sweet addiction? Tell me in the comments below. Stay wonderful FoodTribe! I love you all!

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