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    Refreshing Mint Junip cocktail recipe

    And yes, before you ask, I do mean Junip, not Julep

    32w ago


    Looking for a new gin cocktail to try during lockdown? Give this a go.

    I got busy in my lab (tiny kitchen), and after several recipes, tweaks, start-overs and more, I was really happy with this. I present to you, the Mint Junip.

    It's made with gorgeous Wild Island gin, which is distilled on the Isle of Colonsay, one of Scotland’s Southern Hebridean Islands.

    Wild Island gin

    Wild Island Botanic Gin

    A gorgeous gin for crazy times

    The copper still is infused with six native hand-foraged botanicals growing wild on the island: lemon balm, wild water mint, meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, heather flowers, and bog myrtle.

    And ten further botanicals are used as the base. While there’s quite a lot going on with it, in terms of a floral, citrus character, it can also stand up to complementary flavours, which is why I think it works in my cocktail.


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    Comments (9)

    • It sounds lovely. I must find where I can purchase wild island gin in the US! Any suggestions for alternatives?

        7 months ago
      • Ooh I wonder if you can get hold of it in the US? If not, I'd give Barr Hill, Death's Door, Leopold's, or Boot Hill a go!

          7 months ago
      • Thanks! I will look for options. In the meantime I will be drinking 🍷 😁

          7 months ago
    • Hi Rachel. After several receipe tweaks and start overs not too surprised that last one was so good 😂

        7 months ago
    • That sounds fantastic!

        7 months ago
    • Finally, we get to see Rachael's legendary drinks globe.

        7 months ago
      • Ha, I may even reveal the contents one day. FoodTribe show and tell...

          7 months ago