Refreshing Summer Salsa recipe

Cucumber and Watermelon salsa with a hint of mint

30w ago


This refreshing cucumber and watermelon salsa is fantastic for a warm summer day with only 3 ingredients. It's quick, simple and refreshing.


¼ of a watermelon

½ 0r a whole cucumber

A bunch of fresh mint

1) Peel the cucumber and dice the cucumber if you would like a crunch leave the skin on.

2) Remove the rind on the watermelon and dice the red flesh part to the same size as the cucumber.

3) Cut or rip the mint leaves to the desired size. I like mine really fine.

4) Finely mix all the ingredients in a bowl and enjoy.

If you would like a kik add some diced jalapenos and enjoy with some corn chips or a nacho chip of your choice

Recipe By: Dylan Howarth ( )

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Comments (7)

  • Sounds refreshing! I will have to try that.

    Welcome to FoodTribe!

      6 months ago
  • Looks quite cool and refreshing just looking at it. Do you know if a bit of salt helps bring out more flavor? Always tend to salt my watermelon to make it taste sweeter so figured the same principle might work as well

      6 months ago
  • Hello, looks nice!! One thing, "salsa" means sauce in spanish, it's not a certain type of dip, just the word "sauce". The diced tomato sauce thing americans are calling "salsa" it's actually called "pico de gallo".

      6 months ago