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Research reveals the best wine to buy at restaurants

The first time ever that wine has been combined with wisdom.

6w ago

There are more varieties of wine to choose from than there are vineyards on Mars. Describing choosing the ideal wine as being complicated or a minefield doesn’t do justice to the sheer volume of terror involved.

Deciding the right colour, age, country and name of wine is a problem so sophisticated that even Sherlock Holmes would struggle to solve it. Plus, having to work through all of that with the looming likelihood of smashing glass everywhere is a tortuous task.

Even though the choice at restaurants is generally far more limited than at supermarkets, the pressure is still piled on from the glaring eyes staring at you from all directions. Your guests, the tables around you, the waiters and even the mice in the cellar viciously study your every move. But, research has revealed some helpful truths about choosing the best restaurant wine.

Ignoring the third cheapest bottle of wine is the key to success. According to the investigators, establishments have caught on to the fact that people will often hone in on these wines and as such they often have the poorest quality but highest mark up.

The investigation – carried out by the London School of Economics – surveyed 6,000 wines at 249 locations throughout London. The team found that wines in fourth, fifth and sixth positions on menus were also overrated, but that sticking to the rule of opting for the second most expensive remains a reasonably good choice.

The study also concluded that – perhaps unsurprisingly – restaurant wines are considerably costlier than the exact same thing sold in a shop. In fact, it was found that restaurant wines can cost as much as three times more.

The final point to mull over is this: What sort of brainy course do you have to do to be someone who drinks gallons of wine in the name of research?

Do you have any restaurant selection tips?

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  • Good thing about Australia is we can bring our own wine into restaurant.

      1 month ago
  • I usually go for Spanish wine, and order by the glass. Spain has good and affordable wine 🍷

      1 month ago