Restaurant "Kabineddle" in Würzburg / Bavaria

My experience with regional cuisine

44w ago

We are in Würzburg at the moment and went to a restaurant named "Kabineddle" (little cabinet) yesterday evening.

I had noodles with mushrooms, tomatoes and a sauce made with Silvaner wine.

It was interesting that they used really short noodles which were hard to eat in a halfway elegant way. The white topping is sweet cream. The use of sweet cream in a hearty dish was unknown to me, but is customary in this area as the waiter told us (actually it should have been obvious for us as they eat sweet mustard in Bavaria, too).

As you can see they couldn't manage it to get good tomatoes. Lucky me. I live near the Dutch border so we are able to get ripe and tasty tomatoes of different varieties throughout the whole year.

In total the dinner was quite nice. So if you ever come to Würzburg I can recommend the little cabinet.

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Comments (3)

  • That looks really good

      8 months ago
  • What else did they have?

      10 months ago
    • A lot of meat, especially pork (pork roast with crust, blood sausages, etc.), but they also have two dishes with fish and two vegetarian dishes. That doesn‘t seem common for the area. We found restaurants which only serve meat.

        10 months ago