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Restaurants reopen again! What will be your Famous First Meal?

Rejoice as restaurants finally open again across the country.

45w ago

“Famous first meal”

The birds are singing a different tune, the sun is shining again, the air feels softer and sweeter than ever. Can you hear the bells of joy chiming across the country? Or is that the sound of the tills ringing again?

Restaurants and bars are finally allowed to open again and I swear I can hear the sigh of relief of every resident across the country. No more same old, same old meals, no more fridge politics; the gruelling task of fighting your way through supermarket lanes is finally over, we can once again visit our favourite watering holes and eateries. It couldn’t have come soon enough.

But where to go first?

Is a sloppy burger the best place to start? Or should we search out the smell of freshly stone baked pizza from the oven? Maybe the local Chinese needs a good seeing to, or a big hug from the mafia family that run the Italian with the good tagliatelle is what we’ve been missing? Or is it the bottomless brunches you’ve missed most? Swanning in hungover just before lunch and demanding perfect eggs and extra hollandaise sauce to pair with your icy sweet prosecco punch.

Or do you just miss your friends so much it doesn’t matter where you land so long as there’s free flowing beer and a fine wine list. Either way, whatever your choice, we are all in for a treat.

The whole country has been on ‘the big pause’ for over one hundred days of lockdown and we are all scratching at the walls for the world to start spinning again. This ‘new normal’ won’t stop us from feeding our faces with the delicacies we’ve missed so much.

I don’t care how good a cook you think you are; there is nothing quite like (genuinely) good restaurant food or pub grub. Yes, it can be bought online, delivered or muddled together at home, but the IRL dining experience is truly priceless.

So like clockwork, human nature rears it’s ugly head again and the showing off has already slowly started; screenshots of restaurant bookings in some of London’s finest (and sloppiest) establishments fill up my newsfeed make me scoff at the first wave of scurried desperate diners shotgunning the best seats in the house. Damn them and they’re fast fingers.

I’m just bitterly jealous and I can’t hide it, all because I wasn’t quick enough on the draw, too busy mind mapping my first culinary adventure into the big wide world to actually book myself in anywhere.

I guess I will have to wait with the masses for my seat at the big table. Joining a long line of zombies, masked up, pretending to play with my phone as I ignore the small talk and pitter patter of the general public. Watching jolly diners eat through a window like a starving Victorian chimney sweep with a sweating brow and dangerous appetite, wishing to myself their final course will be over soon so I can slam myself into the next available seat.

There should never have been any fear as to the future of restaurants, or bars for that matter. We are British after all. There was always going to be a renaissance of sorts. The routine of after work drinks, celebration dinners or naughty nights out are ingrained deep within our heritage. It’s our bread and butter, it’s in our blood.

And it will be worth it, every bite, every morsel, every single sip, will be cherished, remembered and recorded. The 4th of July 2020 will be a day we will all be recalling for years to come. Just don’t forget to leave a tip.

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Comments (10)

  • Happily here in Aus, restaurants have been open for a few weeks so I've had that famous first meal at an Italian place. I've got to make up, though, so this Friday - a French place.

      10 months ago
    • Oooo I’m jealous! Italian is such a good call.. I really have missed pizza a little too much

        10 months ago

      10 months ago
    • I can’t decide either! There’s almost too many to choose from...!! 😅 But I smell a listicle brewing, leave it with me!!

        10 months ago
  • I'm sadly still waiting to hear those words, "Wanna start a tab"....

      10 months ago
  • Hangfire Southern BBQ , Barry, South Wales. I’m willing to bribe whatever it takes to get a seat!

      10 months ago
  • Burger. Definitely a burger!

      10 months ago