Review: Air France Business Class food

An exquisite dinner in the air, created by three-star Michelin chef RΓ©gis Marcon, specially for the long hours over the ocean toward RΓ©union

The food is vastly different on every flight

I've been traveling Business Class with Air France for years now and the food has always been good. Not amazing, just good, satisfying in general. There was always more attention on the drinks, usually chosen by various famous sommeliers and there was always a separate written menu for the drinks, describing the names and the approach of those sommeliers.

This time, I travelled on a long haul for 11 hours and 30 minutes and the experience is so much different. The attention to the food goes so much further, equaling the wine selection in every aspect. And the service has been spotless, like always. Due to the pandemics, now there's not-so-posh looking paper menu that's not dressed in a fancy leather cover and it is to be used only one time, by you personally and not touched by anyone else. The stewardess can provide another copy when you get hungry again. A waste of paper, but when health is involved, I approve of that.

Service and food

Around 35-40 minutes passed between my order and the food arriving on my table. I have been offered a drink multiple times while I was waiting (and refused them all). Some will say that it's not ideal, but wait until you see what I've ordered. For me, it was perfectly normal, because I was expecting quality to be a priority over speed. And Air France did not disappoint!

My dinner consisted of sauteed shrimps with quinoa, a veal shank (if my translation is correct) with risotto, French cheese, puffy bread and a chocolate cake. The size of the portions was perfect for me, the shrimps were fantastic, the veal was melting in my mouth and the cake was beautifully made! I was offered more bread, cheese and wine multiple times during my dinner, which was a good service, but it was annoying for me nevertheless.

I was pleasantly surprised by the food, which was at another level, compared to my previous flights. And it was sufficient to make me skip breakfast (croissants, fruits and juice) in the morning. I have to mention, this review was made possible by John Coleman, without whom I couldn't be bothered to do this. Also a special "thanks" to the local parliament in RΓ©union, who's snap partial lockdown is the reason to stay in my hotel room and write this, instead of tasting the night life.

Air france business class food and service

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