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A little bit of history

Persian date palms have existed since ancient times and were cultivated by the people of Persia (present day Iran) around 4000 BCE. Considered sacred at the time - the palm tree was also interpreted as a symbol of friendship, peace, and prosperity within the Persian culture.

Credit: Amir Karimi

Credit: Amir Karimi

Those values have stood the test of times and nowadays date palms have been treated more or less like a person, because of their symbolical lifecycle - once the tree's head is cut-off, the palm will no longer grow, the trunk will become unstable and eventually die, just like a human being. Present day Iranians will count palms by the counting unit β€œPerson” and this is something normal there, part of the Persian culture inherited with the lands.

Credit: Amir Karimi

Credit: Amir Karimi

Date palms love the hot desert climate and are widely distributed in the south provinces of Iran, making the country the second biggest dates producer (Egypt claims bragging rights here). Palms can grow up to 23 meters tall and the art of picking the dates hasn't changed much since Persian times.

Credit: Amir Karimi

Credit: Amir Karimi

But wait! Who do we know from dates palm country? Hmm... Shoutout to our dear Zahra Shafiei, who gets to fact-check me on the history. Check out her feed here and her Youtube channel - The Persian Version for some properly delicious Persian recipes!

Review - the sweetest thing you'll ever eat

My dates came all the way from the Fars province in Iran and unfortunately had to be dried, to have a fighting chance in reaching the store. No nuts within them, so Dates Cake is out of the question for now.

For a fairly small and dried fruit, the nutrition values are off the charts! Taking into account that only 20% of the content is not sugars, the amount of potassium is, gram for gram equal to a banana! And for a desert palm, the mineral content is surprisingly rich in diversity, but balanced in quantity. So far - so good.

Juicy for a dried fruit is not something that you can say often (or at all), but those dates didn't make me to reach for some water. Trying one was by far the weirdest taste experience with a fruit in my life. In the beginning, there's literally nothing. Towards the middle of the chewing, you can taste the tree origin of the fruit and that's very unique. When you're just about to swallow, the sugar hits you, along with the actual fruity taste.

Picking up my date for the night πŸ˜‚

Picking up my date for the night πŸ˜‚

And hits you - it does! You think honey is sweet? Try a Persian palm date and think again! It's not aggressive sweetness, on the contrary - it's quite smooth, but it comes rapidly, out of seemingly nowhere. Like a pleasant surprise for your birthday (don't start, mine was in August), like a win from the lottery with just a single ticket. And you can have that once or twice in succession, but no more. Which makes those dates a very economical sweet treat, since the pack contains around 50.

I promise you - Persian palm dates are the sweetest thing you'll ever gonna eat in your life. No matter how much sugar you put in a cake, this is a very different kind of sweetness. Unfortunately being dried means there's no aftertaste to speak of, but I'm looking forward to try fresh palm dates someday.

Persian palm dates

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Comments (21)

  • Yup! I confirm all of these! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ I wanted to make a post about dates and some of what I wanted to say is here!

    We call them as how we would call a person. So for example if you want to know how many palm trees are in a Palm garden (Nakhlestaan in Farsi) you would ask: how many people/person (Nafar in Farsi) are here!

    Unlike other trees, Nakhl (palm tree) will die if it's beheaded, no matter how the roots are. In fact one of the sad moments of Iran-Iraq war was when Iraqis shoot missiles at the Khozestan province and the picture of the beheaded palms became one of the symbols of that war.

    We have a few Nakhl(palm tree) in our garden, But we planted them last year and it took a few years for them to grow and fruit. So these are not our dates! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but they are from Fars (where I am) , south of it and I think these are Shahani dates (I'm not sure though, I need to double check) which means king or dates that are so good they are suitable for kings!

    There are many different types of palm trees, from very juicy kinds (like Rotab) to very dry ones (medjool). So if someone doesn't like a particular type, they could try others! I'm sure they'll find a good one!

    We use all parts of the palm tree and we eat the dates on every different parts of their life cycle! (From when they are unripe!)

    And yes, a person would climb the tree, go meters up to cultivate the dates! Date season is always a fun family time for Palm owners!

    I like Mazafati (a juicy kind of dates from Bam, Kerman) but My new favourite date is Khaasouee. It is small, it looks dry but it isn't that dry. And it is very delicious. A perfect tea compliment or midday snack. Because it won't stick to your fingers! πŸ˜…

    By date cake you mean Ranginak? Or an actual cake with dates?!!!

    Ranginak is a date pudding from here (the south of Iran) which is made with dates and walnut with a sort of halva going on it. I have filmed the process of making it. I'm mid editing. I will post it soon.

      10 days ago
    • I don't know the actual name of the cake, I have to ask my neighbour's wife. She does it with grounded date nuts, it's sort of a sweet bread, not a cake in the typical sense.

      As I read your comment, I wish the importer would put the sort of the dates...

      Read more
        10 days ago
    • I know some people used to make a bread out of it but I have never had it. Would love to know how she makes it!

      Yes, I don't know why they don't. In fact today I told my family and my cousins about your post and we were are like: they must put the type of...

      Read more
        9 days ago
  • Very nice! My favourite dates are bon bon dates but I’m intrigued to try these ones 😬

      9 days ago
  • Behold the TRY SOMETHING NEW AND RECORD YOUR REACTION challenge! @tribe

      9 days ago
  • This is an epic challenge. Tragically, I'm in lockdown and exploratory trips afield are discouraged, but I'm sure I'll find something in the local shops.

    Otherwise it'll be a stock cube. Always longed to try one.

      9 days ago
  • Very interesting. Those sound delicious but I'm not sure what I would do for your challenge. πŸ€”

      10 days ago