Review: Cookaway sticky ginger meatballs recipe gift box

Review of my ginger meatballs and miso soup which I ordered for my dad's birthday

1y ago

My dad loves cooking, and to be fair to him he's pretty bloody good at it. For his birthday this year I decided to get him something different than the beer or wine I usually go for, and went for something food related.

While searching, I came across recipe boxes by The Cookaway and found out they do gift boxes. Unlike other recipe boxes, there is no subscription needed, and you can do just a simple one-off order with free UK delivery. I went to Japan last year and loved the cuisine, so that was my choice for my dad's gift.

The box

The box came with literally everything needed to cook up a Japanese feast: full ingredients, three different recipe cards and a customised 'Happy Birthday' gift card – and each meal was put into separate bags to keep it as simple as possible.

Another selling point was how Cookaway used different professional chefs to create the recipes. The ginger meatballs and chicken and vegetable miso soup in this recipe box were created by Reiko Hashimoto, the founder of Hashi Cooking cookery classes.

Prep and cooking

Now before you judge me, I did offer to cook for dad on his birthday; however, as I said, he loves to cook and was very very excited. He's usually too stubborn to follow a recipe, so it was quite funny watching him get stuck in. As expected, the instructions were clear, concise and idiot proof, and all went to plan.

The final verdict

Everything was great. It looked good and tasted good; it was easy to follow and cost effective; and best of all, it was good fun. As a gift, it ticked all the boxes – I certainly recommend checking out The Cookaway and I'm looking forward to trying some more recipes in the new future.

Ticked all the boxes

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