Review: Galaxy Smooth Orange chocolate bar

It’s a brave exploration into the well-trodden fields of orange for Galaxy’s newest chocolate creation.

4w ago

Relying on orange is a staple tactic of chocolate manufacturers that lack originality and, ironically, zest. From After Eights to Twirls, deploying thin slithers of peel to existing products is as revolutionary as blocking someone on Twitter.

So, Galaxy’s latest offering, combining its famously seductive chocolate bar with “smooth orange”, was surely on the road to nowhere. However, since this is not Twitter it was only fair to give the marketing twist a try.

Galaxy’s chocolate has always emitted a deep and overwhelming feeling of sophistication for a budget price, something which no other company can claim as comprehensively. The immediate perception of Smooth Orange was no different, thanks to the characteristically chunky and shiny segments of chocolate for a single British pound.

Milk chocolate never comes quite as creamy as it does in Galaxy’s wonderments, the taste being majestically creamy and the texture melting thick, allowing a gradual and continuous consumption experience. So it came to pass in the Smooth Orange – although the fruity aspect was far from conventional.

The orange flavour hit like an Anthony Joshua punch, sensualising taste buds with a brilliant and unparalleled display of extraordinary power. Forget boring water and insane hydrogen, the incredible power source of the future should definitely be the ingredients of Galaxy’s Smooth Orange.

Its taste was unequivocal, removing any concept of artificialness. If it wasn’t for all the calories, the marvellously impactful chocolate bar would unquestionably fulfil the daily dose of fruity goodness.

Perhaps orange has actually become the new “in” flavour, dominating senses like ridiculously short trousers control fashion. Because of its glorious results with Smooth Orange, Galaxy must continue to blow minds by developing an orange-flavoured cookie crumble.

There might even finally be a contender to take on the might of the Rocky film franchise.

(I am aiming to write at least one food review a week throughout 2021 in support of The Trussell Trust, a UK charity that fights food poverty by supporting community food banks and campaigning for national change:

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  • Chocolate and orange are a pretty sure thing from Terrys to Lindt. I'm pleased to hear Galaxy has done a good job.

      1 month ago
  • Good luck with the charity.

      1 month ago
    • Thanks, Margaret 🙂 It's a worthwhile cause to try to raise a bit of awareness for!

        1 month ago
  • I do like chocolate and orange

      1 month ago
  • Very nice review, loved it

      1 month ago