Review: Hop House 13’s ultimate St Patrick’s Day feast – Dublin Born and Brewed

Celebrating all things Irish with three top chefs – get your orders in by 10 March

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If you didn’t know, it’s St Patrick’s Day on 17 March. We might not be able to have the wild parties and pints of green Guinness (I mean, you could always pop some green food dye in your Guinness, but the vibe might not be quiiiite the same). However, we can still very much join in the celebrations, just in a calmer, more sedate way.

Hop House 13 lager (made by Guinness and named after an early 1990s hop store building at St James’ Gate where the hops are still stored today, for the fact fans out there) has teamed up with three acclaimed Irish chefs for an exciting St Paddy’s Day Dublin Born & Brewed meal box.

Review of Hop House 13’s Dublin Born and Brewed meal kit

The three chefs, Anna Haugh, of Myrtle, Nick Fitzgerald, of Tacos Padre, and Patrick Powell, of Allegra, have all come up with an elevated and reimagined take on a classic Irish dish.

Anna Haugh's Dublin scampi and chips

Anna Haugh’s dish is Hop House 13 battered monkfish and traditional Irish ‘chipper’ chips with tartare sauce, as a love letter to Dublin’s famous fish & chip shops.

Everyone loves scampi and chips, but monkfish takes it to a whole new level with a meaty, mild sweetness. Monkfish is apparently the ‘poor man’s lobster’, but I’d rather have this delicious sea monster any day of the week. Big, fat chunky chips drenched in salt and pepper and a tangy tartare sauce to finish it all off.

Patrick Powell's fried black pudding burger

Patrick Powell’s dish is a fried black pudding burger, crispy shallots, aioli and spicy pickles.

I was a little concerned an entire black pudding burger would be too much, but how wrong I was. It was delicious. The aioli and pickles cut through the richness, you get some sweetness from the brioche bun, and the crispy shallots added a crunch. I’d go as far to say this would convert black pudding haters to the dark side.

Nick Fitzgerald's crispy fried crubeen bun

Nick Fitzgerald’s dish is a crispy fried crubeen bun, with salted red cabbage, pickled apple, parsley & horseradish mayo, and gem lettuce.

What a combination. Crubeen is pig’s trotter (a first for me). They’re usually boiled, battered, fried, and eaten like a corn on the cob, but this had been turned into a patty. Crispy on the outside, soft, unctuous and so tasty on the inside. A celebration of all things Irish with a vivid green mayo, some texture from the gem lettuce, and then zingy pops of flavour from the pickled apple and salted red cabbage, which once again cut through the fattiness and richness of the crubeen.

Lager, lager, lager, lager

Naturally, you also get four cans of Hop House 13 lager to enjoy with your three courses.

Dublin Born & Brewed is meant to serve two people – you get two of everything – with each course apparently a ‘starter portion’. I found the box happily served three people, who were all very full and happy afterwards.

The box is available for nationwide delivery, costing £65, with 20% of sales going to Hospitality Action, the charity supporting those working in the hospitality industry (who have been hit incredibly hard over the past year). So you'll be doing some good while enjoying a seriously tasty meal. Bonus.

Which dish do you like the sound of best?

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