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Review: Hotel Chocolat’s mint liqueur will make you feel rich

I discover that chocolate has all of the benefits of being loaded without any of the tax dodging

8w ago

It is the dream of so many to become famous and successful. Although some incessantly crave the apparent fulfilment of a lifetime of paparazzi snaps and exploding Instagram likes, the real reason for the obsessions lies with a very old and green friend of us all: money.

Living in the time of the eternal drive for growth, the yearning for pocketing more and more piles of cash is inexhaustible – especially for those who started off life with several bank vaults already stretching under the strain.

However, it has long been suggested that there is more to life than money, and I may have finally found it: chocolate.

This wacky alternative to the status quo of wads of banknotes comes in the form of Hotel Chocolat’s Mint Chocolat Cream Liqueur. Aside from being created by one of the world’s most renowned chocolate producers, the luxury concoction promised the beautiful combination of chocolate, mint and – the essential component to every Brit’s continued existence – booze.

Hotel Chocolat's mint chocolate liqueur – I didn't turn mine into a cocktail. Sorry...

Hotel Chocolat's mint chocolate liqueur – I didn't turn mine into a cocktail. Sorry...

Even though I am a man and consequently literally incapable of doing anything correctly, I followed the advice on the bottle which stated that the glamorous liquid should be served with ice (I even had some ready, avoiding the usual indignity of desperately hammering bits off decades old chicken burgers).

The liqueur oozed from its noble container with a gratifying thickness that presented the perfect balance between impenetrability and sloppiness. Mixing the drink with ice allowed the inherent creaminess to creep out, majestically filling the glass with a gratifying swirl of lushness.

This subtlety was present throughout the sips of the drink. There was a comprehensive and perfected chain of events that allowed the full potential of the treat to gush out in a spectacular yet refined way. Firstly, rich chocolate and cream escaped from the expertly devised capsule of flavours and mixed sublimely with the peppermint and vodka that followed.

Ultimately, Hotel Chocolat’s mint liqueur was a supreme display of crafting excellence that showcased mighty blends of dreamy chocolate and cream, sharp mint and a slight but exquisite kick of vodka. The whole drink would therefore serve superbly at any occasion imaginable, whether that be a well-deserved Friday night tipple or an international summit of heads of state.

Plus, it’s the splendour of such a beautifully blended product that shows how mere mountains of pennies are not the only way to be rich.

(I am aiming to write at least one food review a week throughout 2021 in support of The Trussell Trust, a UK charity that fights food poverty by supporting community food banks and campaigning for national change: justgiving.com/FoodWriting)

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