R​eview: I tried KFC's cheapest burger!

Does this burger offer a good value for your money?

4w ago

W​e all know KFC, they make some delicious chicken that everyone seems to love, and today I'm telling you my thoughts on their cheapest burger.

T​he last time I was at KFC asking for some hot wings, I saw they had a burger for €1,50, and so I thought I'd ask for one to accompany my hot wings. When I got home, I realized the "Krunch Bacon", as it's called, was very small, smaller than the size of my hand, but was it good?

I​t may look big when it's on the plate, like you see on the photos above, but those are some very close-up photos, and that is one of the smallest plates I have in my house.

"K​runch Bacon" is made up of bread, a crispy chicken patty, a delicious strip of bacon, some lettuce, and barbecue sauce. It may be a small burger, but it tasted good. The chicken was good, as you expect from KFC, and everything worked nicely together. The downsizes in my opinion are it could do with a bit more barbecue sauce, and the more obvious one is the size, as I was left wanting for more afterwards. But i​t's worth noting there is a "double krunch bacon" sandwich available, which adds 50 cents to the price, but that one probably has a good enough size.

W​as this burger good value for money? I think so, it tasted good, and I'd say it's better than McDonald's cheeseburger, which is in the same price bracket. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, but I think it's worth stepping up to the double.

K​runch bacon

I​s this burger available where you live? Have you tried it? Leave your thoughts below!

T​hat was it, thank you for reading!

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Comments (5)

  • No it's not available 😢

      30 days ago
  • Unfortunately no it's not

      29 days ago
  • Better than a Maccas cheeseburger? Fighting words.

      29 days ago
  • KFC is not available where I live, neither is McDonalds, Burger King, Popeye's Wendy's etc.

      30 days ago