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Chancery Lane - London

1y ago

It's a chain; a well known one. Though probably not the best steakhouse in London, it doesn't disappoint. The three or so branches in the City tend to be almost empty on Saturdays, which normally means speedy service and an enjoyable overall experience.

We got started with some beef carpaccio, covered in delicious chimichurri sauce.

Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio

Followed by a beef and a mozzarella empanada (some sort of traditional pastry).



Then we moved on the main course. The main reason to go to Gaucho used to be tira de ancho: spiral cut from the ribeye, marinated in chimichirri. Back in the day they would only use the top of the ribeye (or ribeye cap) for this, which is the fattier, more marbled and flavourful part of the ribeye. Unfortunately, that changed recently and they only offer a spiral cut of a whole ribeye steak.

Despite that, we went for a tira de ancho as well as a churrasco de chorizo (similar spiral cut - this time sirloin). The former rare and the latter medium rare.

They were both delicious.

At this point where the food arrived I was hungry and probably a bit tipsy. This is the best i've got:

The sirloin (left) was a bit overcooked but very tasty - ribeye was lovely

The sirloin (left) was a bit overcooked but very tasty - ribeye was lovely

Gaucho Chancery lane

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