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It is located in Marylebone; a block away from Baker Street station. Nice space with a really cool vibe. Speakers were playing "El Bandido" by Nicolas Jaar when we arrived.

The interior

Started off with some tzatziki and pitta bread. Pretty delicious I would say.

Slightly used tzatziki.

Then moved on to what they call "Peinirli tigania", which is essentially pan fried chicken, sitting on a bed of mascarpone cheese on top of what looks like a pizza boat. This was EPIC.

3/4 of Peinirli Tigania and some chips

Full of excitement at this point we moved to the mains, "Opso Moussaka" and "Garidomakaronada".

They call this thing "Moussaka" - this is not what moussaka is supposed to look like.

Aubergine was smoked instead of fried, there were traces of bechamel and beef ragu plus a ton of crisps on top. An absolute classic butchered to death. Very underwhelming taste, dominated by the smokiness of the aubergine and the crisps.

For reference, Moussaka is supposed to look like this:

"Garidomakaronada" was not any better. Shrimps were undercooked and the sauce lacked any taste.

"Garidomakaronada" or shrimp pasta

Started were nice, the atmosphere superb, but the mains were very very bad for their very hefty price tag.

Overall, meh.


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  • I must disagree here. The pasta did taste of something. Dill... so... much... dill... It’s like they bought it wholesale and don’t know what to do with it now.

    1 month ago
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  • Love the rating at the bottom!

    1 month ago
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