Review: Is this the ultimate gadget for the barbecue lover in your life?

The Weber Connect turns any barbecue into a smart barbecue

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We know a lot of you really like barbecuing: all months of the year, all times of day, any weather. For many people, it’s a bit more of an art than a science. But for those who don’t always like to risk it for a (ruined) brisket, and would rather things were a bit more simple, connected… smart, could this be the perfect gadget for you?

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub basically takes the guesswork out of barbecuing, so you can be the pro you always wanted to be.

What is the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub?

There are those who spend ££££ on smart barbecues where you can adjust the temperature on your smartphone without going anywhere near the heat. However, you might already have a barbecue you love, or you might not want to spend ££££ on a new one.

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub can make any barbecue a smart barbecue, whether it’s already huge and fancy, or the cheapest one on offer at B&Q. It’s basically a wireless, connected thermometer.

It monitors food and ambient temperature and through Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, can send all this information directly to your smartphone. There are also guided recipes for anyone who’s not already a pitmaster.

What do you get in the box?

When it arrives, you get the main Weber Connect which is a black square-ish thing, nothing fancy, with four probe ports. There’s two probes included in the box – one for food and one for ambient temperature. You can buy extras separately if you’re cooking more than one thing. There’s also a USB cable to charge the unit.

How to set up the Weber Connect Smart Hub

You need to charge the battery before you can do anything, which can take three-four hours. Then it’s time to connect everything up: the Smart Hub to your Wi-Fi, and get the app downloaded and connected too. The physical side of things is a lot easier: probes into ports, and you’re done.

If you happen to be keeping an eye on the hub while you’re barbecuing, it shows you the temperature for the selected probe (switch between by pressing on the front of the hub), or an estimated completion time, depending on what you’ve picked in the app.

How do you cook with the Weber Connect?

Insert the meat probe into the food, and if you’re using the ambient one too, place it inside the barbecue using the grate clip. Start up the app on your phone, and follow the instructions.

You’ll then get real-time food ‘doneness’ levels and barbecue temperature throughout your whole cooking process.

Then there’s the step-by-step recipes: pick from various meats and vegetables. Choose your specific recipe or cut, followed by how cooked you’d like it, and the thickness. If you’re going rogue, you can also set up things manually, and pick the internal temperature you’d like it to cook to.

The app gives you step-by-step instructions and sends you push notifications on how to set up your barbecue, then when it’s time to season your meat, flip it, serve it, and most importantly, eat it. It also offers helpful hints and tips on how to achieve the perfect finish, like a wise pitmaster whispering in your ear.

It also has instructional video clips to help you with aspects you might not have tackled before, like setting up your barbecue, or trimming a brisket. Basically, you could try cooking something quite complex, with a lot of steps, without any prior knowledge or research, and you should come out with something delicious.

You can also pair it with voice-controlled home assistants like Amazon Echo, if you’re too busy or have your hands full.

There have already been several updates and developments to the app, with more in the pipeline. There are plans to add more guided and step-by-step recipes, cooking programmes, and grill graphing.

Should you buy a Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub?

The Weber Connect is a helpful and handy little gadget. If you’re not a pitmaster, and want to improve your barbecuing skills – whether you’re doing some speedy steak grilling, or taking things low n slow – it will definitely help you out with your timings and take the guesswork/sheer blind panic away.

There are a few things that could be improved. If you do want to have a look at what’s cooking, add a baste, or lift the lid for any reason, it will recalculate the timings due to lost ambient temperature. However, this can sometimes take things a little off, and add on unnecessary time, especially if you’re cooking something over a reeeeaallly lonnnggg time.

It would also be handy/nice, if the Weber Connect came with four probes, rather than two. The extras are £20.78 each if you do want more.

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub costs £155.39, and is available to buy from Weber directly, or on various online retailers.

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  • I don't have the Weber Smart Grill but the technology part of it, I do have. Bought a WiFi bluetooth meat thermometer off of Amazon and I love it! You can keep tabs on your grilling meats progress while laying in the couch or watching YouTubes, you can't control anything from the remote but it shows the increasing temps (variable preset temps for whatever types of meats you're cooking) and sounds an alarm when the meat matches the desired perfect temperature. So far it's been spot on each and every time!! I love it, takes the guesswork equation out of the picture!

      1 month ago
  • I like it. I've been toying with the idea of getting a wireless Bluetooth thermometer.

      1 month ago