Review: Persimmon is a weird tomato-like apple.. fruit.. thing..

It's from the tomato family, so morphologically the fruit is a berry. But then it's cultivated and sold like an apple. And it's neither.

Looks like a tomato!

Yes, it does! And the discovery was made by Captain Obvious himself! Sure enough, it grows on trees, so it's considered and sold like an apple of sorts. Mine came from sunny Spain (shocker there) and I've never seen anything like them before. Surprisingly they were not expensive, so there was no reason for me not to buy some. Having no idea what you're buying or how "ripe" looks like is exciting!

On a serious note

First impressions - the aroma on the fruit stand was amazing and punchy, like an open Passion Fruit (MarakujΓ  as Pat was teaching us). Sweet, exotic and overpowering everything else! And it kept the good smell for two days at home, because I wasn't sure how ripe it is. I'm still not sure if it was ripe enough, to be honest.

You can peel the thin outer skin, because like a true tomato-family member, that skin is chewy. Mine wasn't particularly sweet, but the curious thing is the texture - apple-like on the outside and very creamy (almost liquid) into the very heart of it. Well, much like a tomato. Except there were no seeds to see, eat or speak of. Weird. Exactly as weird as the whole fruit.

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