Review: The weirdest iced tea... in the world!

Iced tea with meat spice? This is just a step away from those crunchy crickets...

Nigella Sativa, also known as a black cumin is a spice, popular with meat lovers. It goes great in small quantities on barbecue ribs, various homemade sausages and if feel adventurous, you can even sprinkle some to your morning toast with scrambled eggs. As with any other type of cumin - it's a strong and pungent spice. But iced tea with it - that's a whole different level.

Today I've was feeling adventurous in the store and I bought this iced tea by a completely unknown company, called VIDAS. Turns out it's a local (Bulgarian) company and one of the major iced tea exporters in this part of Europe. They claim to use only natural ingredients, no sugar, no preservatives and no chemical processing components. Also no artificial sweeteners.

The ingredients on the label are listed as follows: water, 8% nigella sativa extract, organic grape juice, concentrated lemon juice, concentrated pomegranate juice, concentrated black carrot juice, natural aromas. The label in front just says "Pomegranate - black cumin iced tea". A lot of what it actually contains is not mentioned where it's supposed to be.

Before I start babbling about it - what's missing from the glass is what I've managed to drink, before introducing this iced tea to the sink. And that was an optimistic attempt on my part! I wanted to really give it chance. But it was weird, confusing and somewhat disgusting. I couldn't taste any of the pomegranate that takes central place on the label.

There was no zing to it, the majority of the initial taste was a mix between carrot and grapes, which isn't so bad, but it's not working as an iced tea flavour. And with the aftertaste you can really feel those 8% nigella sativa!

In fact, it's all that's left in your mouth after you get it down. It's rough and it's overpowering your senses like nothing else you could find in liquid form on the store shelves. It's not smooth, it's not sophisticated, doesn't have any refreshing qualities as you would expect from an iced tea. And it's nearly twice as expensive as the ever popular Nestea brand. I gave it a fair go, but it failed to reach all the major qualities that define a good iced tea.

VIDAS: pomegranate - nigella sativa iced tea

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